CB-246xx-xxKI 19" server cabinet for Network & communication solution

  • Applicaions for server system, telecommunication system, community network, network system, monitoring system.
  • Meets 19" industrial standard, such as ANSI/EIA-RS-310C
  • "D.I.Y." package for saving more freight cost and room.
  • Elegant design can be a wall decoration.
  • Four additional entries on the roof and plinth are good for the cable management.
  • The vented design on the top panel, the bottom panel & the front door can efficiently reduce the interior heat for higher ventilation.
  • Sponges on cable entries can block dusty and keep cable and keep the system secure.
  • Design of the roof & the plinth for easily assembly & dismantled.
  • Temperated on the door can keep security of the system and convenient to monitor the condition without opening the door.
  • Powder coating for RoHS compliant.
  • Black & Beige for color selections.
  • All product are made in Taiwan.

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