VE10DAL 1 in 11 Out VGA & Stereo/Digital Audio CAT5 Extender Distribution Amplifier In 1U Rack Mounting Panel

  • Extends and distributes VGA and stereo/digital audio over one UTP CAT5 cable.
  • Supports up to 1600x1200 @85Hz.
  • Long range transmission up to 300 meters (Max.)
  • Dual output: 1 VGA loop output for local, plus 10 x CAT5 RJ45 output for remote side.
  • Built in one loop out allows cascading connection multi units for larger display system.
  • Built in EDID and auto back up Monitor EDID.
  • Audio by digital encoding process for sound undistorted.
  • Digital audio support coax and optical input, auto selection.
  • CAT5 receiver option model: VE02ALR, VE02DALS.

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