ST-308F IDE - CF Bridge (Front Mode)

Convert IDE port (40Pin & 44Pin) to support bootable CF Card!
Connect This floppy bay to standard IDE 40Pin or 44Pin cable and make your PC system to support CompactFlash device.
This is a convenient 3.5" drive frame that allows CompactFlash modules to be used in any computer system that has a standard IDE 40 pin or 44 pin port.
  • Supports 40 pin & 44 pin IDE standard Port both
  • 3.5 "drive frame for 3.5" bay
  • For any computer case , mini computer, embedded system, iPC and Rackmount case
  • Support CompactFlashTM cards (Type I & II) or a IBM MicrodriveTM
  • Transparent to the operating system and does not require any drivers
  • The CF card can be the primary bootable device containing the OS and application
  • Supports jumper for master and slave setting
  • Push bottom ejector on board
  • Powered from 4 pin floppy connector or 44 pin IDE Port

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