BP-220 Lithium Ion Battery Power Supply & Charging Dock Solution

BP220 is a DC power supply with battery support. It supports up to 2 batteries and hot swap feature to keep your PC running as longer as you wish. It is designed to fit any computer chassis that complies with the PS2 specification. 1U and open frame solutions are also available upon request.
Why choose DP220
  • PS2 Compatible
  • 14 ~ 30V Wide range of inputs
  • USB Battery Monitoring Software
  • Hot-swappable
  • PS2 model supports up to 2 batteries; open frame model supports up to 4 batteries
Complete Computing Power Supply Package
We offer a complete computing power supply package consisting high capacity lithium ion batteries HD2500, battery charger DC100, and a PS2 ATX compatible power supply BP220. The battery-powered power supply is PS2 compatible and can be installed into most standard computer chassis.

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