TC-1400/1700/2000RVN4 4U Type N+1 Redundant Power Supply 1400W/1700W/2000W for IPC

The RVN4 is a N+1, Hot-swappable/Hot-pluggable, High-Density Redundant power supply set, it consists of:

(1) complete metal frame (nickel-plated)
(2) compact size (smaller than PSII form factor) N+1 power modules
(3) backplane board

The RVN4 Series of hot swappable high-density redundant power supply offer a maximum 1400/1700/2000 watts of output power. The RVN4 series provide Active Power Factor correction (PFC) at full range AC Input complies with EN 61000-3-2/3 for critical applications.

The power unit’s size is compact which smaller than PSII form factor and both power modules built two interior 38X38 m/m ball bearing DC fans. Each power module has designed with 5 outputs including +3.3V, +5V, +12V, -12V & 5VSB circuits and higher current availability based on Intel ATX12V / EPS12V standards. All you can see on the backplane board is just passive components and this is the key point to a greater Power Supply MTBF.

The unit including LED display, buzzer alarm, TTL signal, etc.

When all the power modules are at normal condition, it balances the load share through its parallel design and results the power system increase reliability.

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