Car Battery Charger
Comix provides all range of DC-to-AC power inverters including Step wave and Sine wave both, also a series of battery chargers. Idea for camping, boating, caravans, mobile office, field work, emergency power and many other uses. Battery chargers are for camcorders, laptop computers, cellular phones & power tools. Over 600W effect in high motor starting surge and can be used for hand tools, small refrigerator and most oxygen concentrators.

3 in 1 Multi-Function Car USB Charger

12V/15A Battery Charger with Meter

12V/30A Battery Charger with Meter

24V/15A Battery Charger with Meter

Twin Output 12V/15A Battery Charger

WT-1225TB / WT-2415TB
Twin Output 12V/25A Battery Charger
Twin Output 24V/15A Battery Charger

WT-1245TB / WT-2425TB
Twin Output 12V/45A Battery Charger
Twin output 24V/25A Batter Charger

WT-1260TB / WT-2430TB
Twin Output 12V/60A, 24V/30A Battery Charger

WT-1280TB / WT-2440TB
Twin Output 12V/80A, 24V/40A Battery Charger

WT-1225TC / WT-2415TC
Three Output 12V/25A Battery Charger
Three Ouput 24V/15A Battery Charger

WT-1245TC / WT-2425TC
Three Output 12V/45A Battery Charger
Three Ouput 24V/25A Battery Charger

WT-1260TC / WT-2430TC
Three Output 12V/60A, 24V/30A Battery Charger

WT-B12 / WT-B24
Battery Desulfator

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