RA2 series 600W、700W、800W、900W、1000W 2U Redundant Power Supply

General description:
  • RA2-G600VP for 600W output
  • RA2-G700VP for 700W output
  • RA2-G800VP for 800W output
  • RA2-G900VP for 900W output
  • RA2-G1K0VP for 1000W output
Input Characteristic:
  • Input connector: The input connector shall be an IEC60320 C14 inlet, rated for 15A/250Vac.
  • Input Voltage and Frequency:
    Minimum Nominal Maximum Measure
    90 100 ~ 240 264 Vac
    47 50 ~ 60 63 Hz
  • Input Current and Inrush Current :
    Input Voltage Max. Input Current Inrush Current
    115Vac 13A 30A
    230Vac 6A 60A
  • Power Factor: The minimum power factor shall be 0.9 with 50% load and input 230Vac/50Hz.
  • DC Output Characteristic:
    Output Voltage Min. Current Max. Current Regulation Ripple & Noise
    +3.3V 1A 25A +/-5% 50mV
    +5V 1A 25A +/-5% 50mV
    +12V 1A 50A/58A/66.5A/75A/83A +/-5% 120mV
    -12V 1A 0.8A +/-5% 120mV
    +5VSB 0.1A 3.5A +/-5% 50mV
  • Efficiency: The power efficiency shall meet 80plus GOLD
  • Hold up Time: The output voltages stay in regulation at least 18ms with 80% load after loss of AC input
  • Rise Time: The output voltages rise from 10% to 90% with full load shall be in 5ms to 70ms

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