SSL-1500 (12V/24V/48V) Programmer LCD Pure Sine Wave Inverters with AC charger and fixed 40A Solar charge controller

  • Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function)
  • Power Control - Dealing with limited generator or shore side power
  • Power Assist - Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power
  • LCD display for parameter setting and error messages
  • Programming auxiliary relay (x 3)
Battery Charger:
  • Adaptive 4-stage charge characteristic: Bulk-Absorption-Float-Equalize
  • The right amount of charge: Variable Absorption Time
  • Preventing damage due to excessive gassing: The Battery Safe Mode
  • Less maintenance and aging when the battery is not in use: The Equalize Mode
  • 2 outputs to charge 2 battery banks
  • To increase battery life: Temperature Compensation
  • Battery Voltage Sense
  • Super Solar Inverter ~
  • PURE SINE WAVE Inverter with ATS, Battery Charger and Solar Charge Controller
  • Connect with Solar system directly.
  • Smart, powerful and successfully
Packing Info:
1pcs/carton, N.W.: 24kgs, G.W.: 25kgs, Carton measurement: 61x42x36 cm

1pcs/carton, N.W.: 20.8kgs, G.W.: 23.6kgs, Carton measurement: 61x42x36 cm

1pcs/carton, N.W.: 23kgs, G.W.: 24kgs, Carton measurement: 61x43x36 cm

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