Spark S3/S3B The high-performance all-aluminum laptop-style portable computer designed for field and mobile applications

Inspired by our broad ruggedized computing solutions for mission-critical applications, has developed the Spark S3/S3B.

The multi-functional Spark S3/S3B mobile workstation combines high-end computing power and add-on capbility with a crystal clear display into a extremely rurrgedized all-aluminum chassis. The optional swappable battieries allow you to work whereever you need it, whenever you need it.
Why choose Spark S3/S3B
  • 15.6" LED-backlit LCD
  • mini-ITX platform
  • Ruggedly built, industrial quality
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • IP43 Waterproof
  • Silicon Rubber Backlit Keyboard
The high-performance all-aluminum laptop-style portable computer designed for field and mobile applications
The Spark-S3 portable computer combines high-performance, add-on capability, and a large display into an extremely ruggedized all-aluminum laptop-style chassis. It offers a cost effective solution to performance demanding portable computing applications.
Long Battery Life
The S3B model from the family is designed with swappable high-capacity batteries each with 14.4V 7.5Ah/112 Watts, providing enough juice to power your machine for long hours. In addition, the hot-swappability enables users to operate the machine for as long as they wish with pre-charged batteries. Optional external battery charging docks sold separately.
With the mini-ITX platform and supporting 1 x 3/4 length expansion slots, 1 x 3.5" drive bay, 1 x 2.5" removable drive bay, and 1 x slim DVD bay, the S3 series is the most versatile laptop-style portable computing solution on the market. It provides you an alternative to our other products for applications that requires less expandability and more portability.
Backlit Keyboard
The S3 series machines are equipped with a waterproof backlit keyboard with three level of brightness, allowing you to operate in the darkest environment.
LCD Screen
The S3 series models are equipped with a 15.6" LED-backlit LCD, offering a crystal clear viewing experience with low power consumption.

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